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Her painting style has been compared to that of (Read more)….

Short Description of Sarah Snyder : Sarah Snyder is an American model and a social networking sites personality.

She was granted the Australian Film Institute Young Actor’s Award in 1999 for her stunning performance in ABC’s television show Wildside.

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First we heard about Jake Gyllenhaal and Isabel Lucas and now word on the street is Abbie Cornish is hanging out with Josh Hartnett.She raised up on a 70-hectare (170-acre) farm before going to Melbourne, Victoria.Being raised up with animals, she turned a vegetarian at the age of 13. She was influenced by independent and foreign films, so she wished to start a modeling career. She inaugurated her career in her young age 13 by marching towards finals in Dolly Magazine competition.Abbie split with Ryan Phillipe at the beginning of the year and has been in New York shooting The Dark Fields with Bradley Cooper.But over Easter weekend, she was spotted on the other side of the US in Santa Barbara walking with Josh and his puppy. Sources say the two looked very friendly and relaxed and laughed a lot.

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