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anyhow, that just means that it's going to take me at least a couple weeks to get all these food pics up here on the fabulous Ketchup&Soup.

So here we go...what's the best part about a 12 hour layover in JFK after missing your initial flight to NYC and thus your international connection?

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Were certain sites brought to the west because impossibility of using this website, you accept the new terms and got to work for just like.“I’ve always had a skinny, tight a*but I had to bulk up for this film; I was inspired by watching (Robert) De Niro in Taxi Driver during the scene where he’s doing the push-ups and he’s so cut.

A lot more is said in that than somebody just being big and kind of a meathead.” But Butler admits he doesn’t always enjoy the work that comes as he prepares to bulk up for a movie role: “Whenever I make those decisions to be naked, I go, ‘Oh shit here’s another three months of being on a diet and getting that body back!

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A look at 5 parts that could be making your car or truck thirsty Millions of drivers waste fuel needlessly every day, without even realizing it.

The Academics module content includes courses on economics, marketing, money management, entrepreneurship, human resources, international relations, EU relations, management and organization, innovation, reengineering and data mining.

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unfortunately, google apps weren't so awesome in italy.

i couldn't log into my gmail consistently, and thus no logging into blogger.

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