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Everyone’s different and this stuff is all good advice that may work like a million dollars for you.

The protocol I’m about to describe might also work with hormonal PCOS acne as I sometimes see that ladies with PCOS use the same supplements, but I’m not 100% sure of the details quite yet (until then, check out this amazing ebook on PCOS, because this lady DOES know her stuff when it comes to that).

Also, this protocol should work for those who have acne due to coming off birth control pills (and if you are still on birth control but want to be off it, consider combining this protocol with weaning off it to lessen the chance of acne afterwards).

So, having said that – there is a specific type of hormonal acne in adult women that is very, very, veeerrry common, and while all acne is hormonal, this one has been dubbed and is often referred to specifically as “Hormonal Acne”.

This acne usually occurs around the mouth, chin, and jawline in adult women (often can be cystic), and tends to appear or gets worse before menstruation and/or during ovulation.

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