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Many politicians and bureaucrats systematically cause delays and unnecessary expenditure, and ignore reality.Even worse, many from the ‘Left’, progressives, Cultural Marxists and activists keep trying to stymie democracy with their shrill, often illogical and ideological views. Pardon me, Canberra, your hypocrisy is showing By Maurice Newman, The Australian, 20 December 2017 On November 30 the government announced the establishment of a royal commission into the financial services sector.In a joint statement, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison said the inquiry would consider “the conduct of banks, insurers, financial services providers and superannuation funds (not including self-managed superannuation funds).This will be a sensible, efficient and focused inquiry into misconduct and practices falling below community standards and expectations.” Did the Prime Minister and Treasurer shuffle about as they made this announcement?Did they seem shifty in their ill-fitting self-righteous clothing as they took to the moral high ground?Did they give a second’s thought to an independent investigation into parliamentary practices that fell well “below community standards and expectations”? The sins of the financial ser­vices industry are one thing but, unlike their political masters, business leaders are governed by many layers of regulation and civil processes that offer recourse through prosecution, individual claims and class actions for suspected or proven misconduct.

Political parties may compete for the spoils of office, but ideologically their differences are blurred, and when push comes to shove they have demonstrated where their loyalties really lie. ================ Australia’s broadcaster, ABC, is guilty of soft treason By Jennifer Oriel, The Australian, 23 October 2017 There is no point in maintaining the fiction that Australia is ready for war.Australia shares more than fiery rhetoric with North Korea.We are neck and neck on global rankings for military capability.The only thing worse than North Korea’s missile porn is the possibility that Kim will acquire nuclear power and make the West pay.We had better hope his losing streak lasts because Australia’s military preparedness underwhelms and soft treason is rising through the ranks.

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