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He capitalized on full nudity, celebrity photos, and other images that garnered press for the new magazine.

In 1978 he was shot by a white supremacist outside a courthouse in Georgia, leaving him partly paralyzed. " Francis has turned the phenomenon into a multimillion-dollar business that includes a magazine, reality television show, and apparel.

From the producers of adult videos to dating sites like Ashley Madison, from Viagra to Victoria's Secret, the "sex" business incorporates a range of companies, many of which are publicly traded.

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From it’s ability to handle huge PR spikes, to it’s instant messaging and matching algorithms, it’s perfect for the modern market.

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We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of building your own social or dating service.

According to annual filings, Flanders has worked in a wide range of publishing ventures, from 14 years at Macmillan to three years as CEO of Freedom Communications. Company: Evil Angel Products and services: Adult video production DVD sales ain't what they used to be.

Stagliano says that at the peak, roughly a decade ago, his company was generating about million in revenue each year, but that number dropped to about million last year.

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