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A Clackamas County jury sentenced Terry to die for hacking to death Jeffrey and Dale Brown with an 18-inch long Japanese sword as they slept Aug. The three were camping in a Milwaukie park next to the Willamette River in celebration of Dale Brown's birthday.

A Multnomah County jury convicted Thompson of murdering Andrew J. Thompson stabbed Mc Donald 14 times after returning to a Portland tavern he'd been kicked out of.

Television segments devoted to healthy resolutions and discounted memberships are just two of many indicators sugg… Now we are left surrounded by shreds of wrapping paper, a fridge full of leftovers and a table still filled with uneaten chocolates, cookies and treats. 1, all the Christmas goodies must get finished off. I would venture to say that many of us learn the reason for the Christmas season early on, both those who worship the God of the Bible and those who don’t. He was set to take the rigorous exam that could elevate him to journeyman electrician after four years as an apprentice.

Most recognize it marks the celebration of the most infamous birth story in history — the birth of Jesus. Thanksgiving came the day after the state test, then it would be time to get serious about …

Those seeking to improve their work skills, find a job or screen applicants can visit one location starting Jan.

1, as multiple workforce organizations have moved into the Work Source Douglas building on Pine Street.

Oakland has some great things to report as we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in 2018.

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Hall, a security guard for the downtown Economic Improvement District, had tried to question Lotches about a minor assault. Hall died after pulling a 9-year-old child out of the line of fire as Lotches was trying to commandeer a car.The attacks occurred after Thompson had been convicted of fourth-degree assault, menacing someone with a knife, and stabbing two other people, both in 1989.Hayward and three companions - including fellow Death Row inmate Jason Van Brumwell -- were convicted of killing a convenience store clerk and severely beating another in 1994.Hale was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Kristal Bendele, 15; her boyfriend, Brandon Williams, 15; and a friend, Patrick Finley, 13, in 1995. Bendele and Williams were unclothed, their bodies piled beside a gravel road. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Lane County officials had violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Civil Rights Act.Nearby, the body of Finley was dressed in his shorts and T-shirt, Bendele's pants and a rabbit fur coat. Noteworthy: Hale gained international attention when jail officials taped a conversation he had with a Roman Catholic priest. Compton, a Springfield methamphetamine user, was convicted of killing Tesslyn O'Cull, the 3-year-old daughter of his live-in girlfriend.

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