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One very interesting note is that someone is systematically going through all the Downloadable Lectures and (presumably) listening to them! Our waterfront safety equipment is going to be seriously upgraded this year to meet current waterfront safety standards.

Thanks for this initiative goes to our Waterfront Director, Jon Crowe. Did you know that members can rent the facility, anything from a single cabin to the entire camp, for anything from a private vacation to a major function, from Memorial Day to Labor day (except during camp, of course) for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer? Online registration will open March 1st with the bulletin going out shortly after that.

All the usual stuff got done: reports from the treasurer and some committee chairs, set the rates, choose the lecture themes, select an Opening Weekend Program presenter, discuss the bulletin, etc. Special thanks to Rotch Fund trustee, life-long FNCA member, core lecturer, and former camp director and Board member Rev. Lots of local businesses donated financial support and/or prizes.

And this writer would especially like to give a big thank you to Outreach Committee member Nancy Little who's idea this race was in the first place. There was also talk of establishing an endowment fund for this purpose. The Board voted to fully fund a van to bring teens to camp from the Mid-West.

FRYEBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — In the western Maine town of Fryeburg, the fire department is celebrating an amazing accomplishment of not one, but two, of its members. That's right, each of them has been active members of the department for seven decades."It is a long time, don't know as you'll see many more to make 70," Capt. It's simply astonishing for a department to have one long-serving member like that, but to have two? Neither of these guys go out on calls anymore, but they are still part of the fabric of this department."They come here to the station and participate.

Gay Kiesman love the camaraderie they find at the Fryeburg fire house."Seeing all the guys every month and talking with them," Capt. So much so, they have been coming here for 70 years. Over the years Watson served two stints as chief."Enjoyed it. Everybody pitched in good, got along good, department went good," Watson said.

With Building & Grounds Committee members Dave Richardson and Colgate Searle leading the big projects, and B&G member Nancy Little in charge of the rest of the To Do List and meals, everything ran smooth as toast for the entire weekend.

The bigger projects include: finishing up the final work on compliant door on the Dole Wing bathroom; adding and tamping down a dumptruckful of gravel to the lead-up to the handicapped ramp on Twitchell South to accomodate a 500 lb high-tech wheelchair; putting two new runoff pipes under the road next to the Goddard Annex in preparation for the new gutters that will be arriving soon; and replacing the water heater in the Laird Cabin. There will be a report about this project as an Evening Activity during the second week of camp this summer.

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