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Missionaries are required to raise adequate support while in initial deputation work to cover the cost of an approved retirement and insurance program.

Should churches desire to continue support for a retired missionary the Mission Office will receive and forward the funds to the missionary each month.

Note: "Personal Gifts" Defined - No missionary personnel shall solicit funds for their personal use.

However, gifts received for Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays are considered personal gifts and need not be reported as missionary personnel funds received and need not be listed on the monthly work-report forms.2.

Missionaries who do not return to the field at the end of their normal furlough shall be termed "inactive" and shall be without remuneration.

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It takes a great deal of money to go to the mission field.1.

Offerings not channeled through the Mission Office are considered by the IRS as personal income.

The missionary will be responsible for payment of Social Security and Income Taxes on any funds which are not sent to the Mission Office.3.

Deputation is one of the most important tasks appointed missionary personnel.

It is the means of presenting themselves and their needs to churches and groups in order to obtain prayer and financial support for their ministry on the mission field.1.

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