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When they merge as a complex hybrid, their importance is multiplied.

Cranston stars as Vince Lonigan, the gangster chasing Marcus for 0,000.

The high wick "doji" candle center of the eveningstar is also the "head" of a head-and-shoulders bearish reversal formation.

A large eveningstar or a head-and-shoulders formation often signal the end of a rally phase.

If the 0 level does give way on a closing basis, the first downside target is the 0 level.

This would be a 38% Fibonacci retracement of the 20 range, a retest of the previous October high level, and the price target objective of the head and shoulders formation.

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    After all, they have to do something to justify their monthly payments as state servants.

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    For example, if you're sharing a hotel room with a group, there's always going to be the reliable friend who will put the deposit on his credit card (he's probably the one that drove you all there in the first place). If you don't want to continually be that friend, you can also try to bargain with the hotel or rental company over the phone; it's amazing what a little bit of shmoozing will get you.