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Given that I am too busy with my career, extracurricular activities (like playing Candy Crush and occasionally going to Soul Cycle) and an active social life (hanging out with my dog Lucca and tweeting at celebrities) to devote the time required to have a shot at successful online dating, I definitely don’t have the energy to sift through online dating assistant applicants who are not qualified for the job.Please do not apply unless you are willing and able to perform all of the job duties. Re-Write My Profile: The assistant will be tasked with rewriting my online dating profile, as my current one is only attracting perverts, baldies and grammatically challenged weirdos.” Susan Page points out that many people have a hidden ambivalence towards a real relationship.Page discusses the two groups of involuntary singles: those who want a relationship but haven’t found the right person yet, and those who consciously or unconsciously are ambivalent.Sort Through Additional Incoming Messages And Rate The Senders: The assistant will also be tasked with sorting through incoming messages from interested matches who have reached out either entirely on their own or because they were prompted by my “5 Stars” and/or “Favorites” label.The latter group should be approached in the same manner as replies received from matches who the assistant messaged immediately.Vilifying these feelings will not make them go away, and it is more beneficial to acknowledge the value of all these different perspectives.

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(I review the protocol for setting up dates a little further down in #5, but please do not jump ahead.) 4.If a date has not been suggested by the match by his third reply, but the conversation has been interesting enough to warrant further interaction, the assistant may hint at going on a date.If the match does not bite, the assistant should block him and move on.Realize that if you can’t decide what you want, you may never get it.Be realistic about your goals – “You will not be able to silence all the competing voices in your head,” Page writes.

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