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(The older girl is now in college and the younger one is finishing high school.) Her office is pristine, partly because she is barely there.

She spends much of her time in London (where was largely filmed, at Pinewood Studios, and where she and her husband currently live) between working trips to San Francisco (Lucasfilm’s headquarters) and Los Angeles (where the parent company, Disney, is based).

And part of me didn’t really quite believe him.” He said that he had been thinking of people who could replace him. Recalling the lunch, Kennedy continued, “I started to mention a couple of people, and he immediately said, ‘No, no, no.

I’m thinking about doing this.’ ” She was taken aback but quickly came around.

Kennedy and Marshall met during the making of which Marshall was producing. She said yes on the spot: “I was a kid—I had no idea what I was doing.” By now, Kennedy and Marshall had started dating, but they kept their relationship secret, partly at Marshall’s suggestion: he didn’t want to complicate Kennedy’s position as a young producer.

“Steven asked us to build a couple of models, to figure out the truck-chase scene,” Marshall told me. “And we spent a whole weekend making jeeps and tanks and trucks, and I thought, Huh, I think I’m in love! “Don’t tell anyone we’re going out,” Marshall told her.

Finally, after the boat returned to the dock, somebody asked Kennedy if she’d like to take a turn. Kennedy said, “No, I’ll just start from the dock here.” The request threw the crew members for a loop, but they obliged.

The boat started up again and pulled her onto the water.

No one has any idea who I am.” She acknowledged that her days of lurking unrecognized in the ladies’ room are probably over.Kennedy confessed to having looked down her nose at one of the biggest films of the era—Spielberg’s with George Lucas. For one thing, everyone came down with dysentery during filming in Tunisia.That’s why, Harrison Ford would later say, he argued for just shooting the evil master swordsman rather than engaging in a lengthy fight scene.Her skis skimmed the surface of the lake as she took a flawless turn around it, throwing up spray on the curves.As the boat returned to the dock, Kennedy let go of the rope and the momentum carried her right onto the shore—she finished as gracefully as she had started. “After that, the grips never got back in the water.”After more than three decades making some of the most successful movies of our time, Kathleen Kennedy has become something of an icon. She prefers just to have people watch what she does.

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