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For example, your opponent may have you on the run or has made you hit one of your balls short.Those are the times when you’ve got to make an adjustment and shift gears so to speak. I know that disappoints some of you , but you know what, sometimes (…

This way, when you see something similar during real match play, you’ll know exactly what to do so that you can take advantage.

You can feel it deep down in your bones by your good positioning and the way it left your racket.

If you hit one of those kinds of shots, and force your opponent to greatly alter his positioning by having to turn his back to you for instance, that’s a clue that he may be getting ready to hit a weak return back.

This means, the better you execute your own shots, the slower and weaker his (…or her) return will be.

The speed of the ball will decrease once the ball bounces.

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