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♙ Vince Premus was withdrawn from the tournament..

REMINDER: The next tournament at the club, the 2018 Reggie Boone Memorial, starts Wednesday, Jan. Players must be present in Room C159 of the Mc Kay Complex at Fitchburg State University by p.m. Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 p.m.

♛ Withdrawn from the tournament were Lenny Arsenault and James Petullo.

♙ Withdrawn from the tournament were Vince Premus and Gail Lingner. Players running late who wish to be paired MUST CALL by 7 P. Randy Mc Laughlin had already withdrawn from the event after Round 1.

♖ Not playing round 5 were Arthur Barlas, Paul Lynch, Bill Burke, Geoff Le Poer, Ritvik Pulya, Brett Kildahl, Andrew Kiser, Raaga Pulya, Wayne Steadman, Randy Mc Laughlin and Abhijit Tikekar. in order to be paired for Round 1 on November 29th. ♙ Withdrawn from the tournament was Diego Ubiera.

-Stephen Dann (48 years as a chess volunteer) Obituary posted for Aime J. See T ♝ Receiving half-point byes were Diego Ubiera, Geoff Le Poer, Bill Burke, Mike Meehan, Vince Premus, Lenny Arsenault, Tom Fratturelli, Harry Richardson, Wayne Steadman, Kyle Cullen and Emily Gawboy. See this year's "Games" section for Andrew Kiser's upset win over Brian Biglow.

Please read his obit, and, understand why many of his hobbies, including chess, were not even mentioned due to space!

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