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Actress Tara Subkoff was just getting her start in the industry when she claims she was attacked by Weinstein, who she claims pulled her onto his lap at a party.

'It became impossible for me to get work as an actress after this, so I then had to start a new career path and started Imitation of Christ, a fashion and art label.'And two decades later, Weinstein was still out to get Subkoff she claims, telling the story of what happened at a screening of her film #Horror.'The Weinstein company executives snuck into a cast and crew screening of my film and told me they loved it,' said Subkoff.'Then they took it to Harvey, who then refused to watch it but then bad-mouthed it to everyone all over Cannes.'Everhart meanwhile said that in the aftermath of her incident with Weinstein he always looked at her funny when the two would cross paths.'I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this has happened.Though she doesn’t yet have a venue, she plans “to enter with my framed degree by my side. But the person who catches it won't be next to get married, they'll be next to graduate!We will have a first dance and sit together at the front of the room. ” Ceremony-wise, marrying a diploma just means walking across the stage to receive it, according to Hamouie.“All educational accomplishments should be celebrated equally,” fourth-year medical student Angie Hamouie explains of her decision to throw a “Graduwedding.” The day she graduates from med school next month, she and her closest friends and families will celebrate as if she were getting married — and she is, in a way, she said.“The festivities will be oddly similar to a traditional matrimonial ceremony,” Hamouie, 27, elaborated.

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