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She explores accounts of tensions between written and oral cultures and, through Antionette's narrative, urges the reader towards an understanding and acceptance of the mad woman in the attic.

In my own moments of torment, I am often reminded of Antionette's passionate and haunting story.

Today, he's craving fish and he won't stop thumping around and making a mess until he ge...

Loretta has just come back from the local fish market where she purchased a ton of fresh seafood for her dinner plans this evening.

Barbie goes fishing quite often and when she does that, she is the princess of fishermen wearing the most fashionable sport casual outfits.

When I did read Charlotte Brontë's story, it seemed to me that the first Mrs Rochester, the discarded wife who ghosted about Thornfield Manor, cast a far darker shadow over Mr Rochester and Jane than Brontë had intended.

Set in wild, magical Jamaican scenery, Wide Sargasso Sea depicts the trouble and confusion on West Indian sugar estates in the aftermath of emancipation.

"Their main marine competitors were plesiosaurs, another group of marine reptiles, and sharks," he said.

"While the dinosaurs were dominating the land, the pterosaurs, flying reptiles, were the rulers of the air." In a statement, the team said the specimen might reveal whether there was a marine connection between India and South America around 150 million years ago.

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