Are hosea and leah from top chef dating

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If you go to a restaurant you've previously loved and they serve you something inedible, you're not going to boycott the place; you're just going to assume the kitchen had a bad night, or that one item on the menu isn't for you, but you're probably going to go back for other things on the menu, right?Maybe Hosea's dishes were so much better than Stefan and Carla's -- or, at least, maybe his mistakes were so much more minor -- that he would have been able to overcome going into the finale at some kind of deficit to the two superior chefs. But seeing the win come down entirely to a slightly above-average chef having a good night at exactly the right time frustrates me. His “bad soup=the missing WMDs” line was groan-worthy.Please, producers, banish him to “Hell’s Kitchen” or some other second-rate show.The insufferable “romance” between Hosea and Leah crossed the line into TV wasteland territory.The producers clearly thought, perhaps correctly, that many viewers might be intrigued that these two non-single contestants (Hosea: “I have a girlfriend. Leah and I are just friends.”) were flirting so heavily.

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After last week’s awful reunion show concluded, my roommate and I tried to identify the reasons why the popular series’ most recent installment was so unsatisfying. Precious few competitors combined true cooking proficiency with compelling personality.

Carla, on the other hand, was inadvertently sabotaged by her sous-chef.

The two dishes she conceived on her own were adored by the judges.

I’m pretty sure that my whole building could heard me bellow, “Who cares?! The final result: Don’t get me wrong, both episodes in New Orleans were really good.

The setting, challenges, and food were all tantalizing.

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