Are steven and chris dating

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They launched the "Steven and Chris" talk show in January 2008, focusing on home decor, entertaining and fashion.

"It sort of broke through the barriers of the design world which can be intimidating to a lot of people." "Property Brothers" co-star Drew Scott said he and his brother Jonathan took inspiration from Hyndman and Sabados.

"Designer Guys" creator and executive producer Mary Darling recalled Hyndman was initially shy to take the spotlight.

When Sabados auditioned for the show Hyndman hung back.

"When my marriage broke up in 1998 Chris scraped me off the floor," an emotional Beker recounted by phone from New York.

"I was so extremely depressed, and he would come over to my house every night after the gym in his little baseball cap and a pizza under his arm and we'd sit there and he'd tell me how I had to go on living for my kids, for my girls who were just eight and 10 at the time.

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