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They still will not answer my call, goes to voice mail, and will not return call. Stay clear of them, Do not give them your credit card information. We have a mortgage with embrace and for some reason our payment never makes it there ontime unless we spend another on a phone payment.All other payments we send they said they never received, even they where send 12 day's before the due date.At the beginning of the process we knew right off I would not qualify, but my rep called me back about 2 months later and told me "You are doing really good, you need to do this and this and this and we should be good to go".After doing the things she suggested, she lead me to believe I would get the loan, but there were a few things bothering me - 1st.Which means they can't answer any questions it is left up to appraiser.

I will give them this week, then I will be filing a complaint - it's 5 for an appraisal they failed to do on the day THEY scheduled - they took money for a service they did not provide (I didn't cancel it they did) so there should be no reason for my not getting it especially since they told me they would return it. I am going to go to BBB and file an official complaint this week if I don't hear from them. At first you will be called back promptly, after the appraisel company comes out, and you are told that as a federal law they can't have any contact with appraisel company it has to go through a third party.

I'm so tired of this company Petra Smithc'mon now, you know thats not what happened.

They cannot charge you a penny until you agree to it in writing or until you go thru a minimum or 3 electronic steps to give your permission.

Then Im sure that an appraiser showed up a couple days later. Mortgage companies cannot keep even one penny of your 5 by law, so your complaint holds zero merit.

Im guessing that your home didnt appraise high enough to get the loan you wanted. I don't know anything about this company, but if they are going to do an appraisal, they should be able to give you an indication whether loan approval is likely or not.

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