Avoidant personality disorder and dating nigel lythgoe and cat deeley dating

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The most common coping modes in Avoidant PD are the Avoidant Protector and the Detached Protector modes.The avoidant protector is characterized by interpersonal and situational avoidance.

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Arguments have been made that avoidant PD is characterized by avoidance not only in the social arena, but many people with avoidant PD also tend to avoid making decisions, experiencing negative and positive emotions, sharing intimate feelings, experiencing bodily sensations, experiencing sexual arousal, eating a variety of foods, and engaging in perceived “risky” activities.In the detached protector mode, you may detach from your inner needs, feelings and thoughts, which may prevent you from emotionally connecting to other people.If you tend to be non-assertive and comply with other people’s wishes, you might also have a compliant surrender mode.With avoidant personality, your fears are more generalized across many types of people and situations so that it is hard to form deep, intimate connections with other people or go new places that involve extensive social interaction.In avoidant PD, anxiety is related to worries that other people may find you to be socially inept and inferior, and you may also worry that you can’t cope with challenging situations in general.

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