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Around 2.4 million Croatians are online (, 2010).

There are an estimated 22,000 registered websites in Croatia.

It is due to become the EU's 28th member state in 2013.

At the time of President Tudjman's death in December 1999, the country was still in a parlous state.

In the newspaper sector, there are six national and four regional dailies.

Austrian and German concerns have large stakes in the print media.

Mr Milanovic's chief election pledges were to revitalise the struggling economy and prepare Croatia for EU membership in 2013.

Croatia joined the World Trade Organisation and pledged to open up its economy.

However, organised crime and associated violence continued to be a major concern, and the government had to demonstrate that it was serious about tackling the problem so as not to jeopardise its EU membership bid.

He pledged to fight corruption and help Croatia achieve EU membership. He proposes the prime minister but it is for parliament to approve the nomination.

The president can dissolve parliament and call elections.

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