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I won’t lie, it does get lonely and no matter how great things are going with work or family or friends, I still have a void.

But I’ve learned that it’s better to just deal with that feeling and hold out for someone worthy then to be with someone for superficial and validating reasons. You can reach him for a commission piece on his Instagram!

Using lines like, “” But for a long time I ignored how ridiculous their attempts were and went on with talking to them because I loved the attention.

I won’t go into detail with exactly what was said because I’m sure everyone reading this can imagine, or worse, has experienced this.

But I will say that the meanest, nastiest insults that have ever been said to me were from these men.

Lots of things happened during my 8-year online dating career.

I met men from all walks of life, all different races, socioeconomic levels and body types.

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