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The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission is the governing organisation for all matter relating to child support (known until recently as the CSA).

The rules are set to change slightly but child support itself is around to stay and there will always be a need for an organisation to regulate and administer payment collections.

I find it sad that our dislike for one another far overides the love for the child.

Even if you look at the basic cost of a child, uniform, dinner money, trips this would amount to more than £7 per week.

In this letter you calculated my child maintenance at [amount].

I dispute this amount and calculate that my child maintenance amount should be [amount].

I will be able to continue payment of child maintenance on [date] / I am unsure when I will be able to continue paying child maintenance.

Please contact me within 7 working to discuss my new circumstances and how they will affect my child maintenance payments.

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