Bible study lessons for dating couples

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And anyone could have still come into that Ark of safety, it was there for the taking, but none responded.And then we found and this is what I want to start with then tonight is in Genesis chapter 7 in our verse by verse we left off at verse 10, but I want to skip across at least in my Bible across the page to verse 16, where it says: Genesis "And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: (then if you havent underlined it in your Bible before, underline because this is so crucial, it is so tantamount to New Testament doctrine I think and its shown here again in type and what is the word?Are we secure once we have entered into that Ark of safety?Is the blood of Christ sufficient to take us through those times of testing and in the final judgment and so forth?

Theres only one door into salvation and there is no other way except through that one door.

There was only one window and it was not in the side where it had any access to someone from the outside, it was in the top of the Ark. And there was only a band, somehow under the roof line for ventilation.

And no doubt that eave of ventilation was constructed in such a way that the air could flow but the water would not splash into it as the seas rose and so forth.

Lets go to Romans first but in the back of your mind always remember what were trying to get out of this is that God shut the door.

And it was the pitch, the atonement as it were, that sealed out those waters of judgment for Noah and its the blood of Christ that secures us from any judgment from whatever source. ) no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus." See, thats conditional. That doesnt cover the whole human race, but all those members of the human race who are in Christ Jesus, now the promise of God is, we will never face condemnation.

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