Books on radio carbon dating

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Some examples of dates which contradict orthodox (evolutionary) views: , pub. The information on this site can change lives—former atheists tell us so. Because it’s information people haven’t heard Creation-Science Research Center) A question which could be asked after all this is: does radio-carbon, adjusted to fit the ‘non-uniform’ model, give any independent evidence of a worldwide catastrophe such as the Flood? So keep it coming by supporting the researchers and writers at CMI.

Remember that this correction is based on measurable scientific data, not on any creationist preconceptions.This volume holds a datelist of 1285 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 19 on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage.It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them, a comprehensive bibliography, and two indexes for reference and analysis.Certainly if there was such a Flood, as we maintain from several other lines of evidence and reasoning, most living things would have perished, and so we would expect a ‘cut-off’ point at this time. In other words, going into the past, we should reach a period of time in which there is a sharp reduction in the number of specimens compared to the period just older than that, and as we went forward in time, we would expect a gradual buildup, as plant and animal populations recovered their numbers. Using the 15,000 published dates previously mentioned after adjusting them as described, he grouped them into 500 year ‘blocks’ and found a dramatic drop-off about 5,000 years ago, with a worldwide distribution (, Ed.

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