Breckin meyer dating amy smart

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Paramount put out a fantastic trailer for the madcap comedy early, had it play all summer in front of a string of hits, and then followed it up with their large team of actors doing a huge amount of PR.

Rat Race benefited from this and the film opened to a better than expected .67 million.

For Paramount this was a great start, because they had a property that they knew would take off, and it did.

Positive word of mouth and a continued strong marketing campaign helped Rat Race avoid any weekend to weekend drops over 40% unitl its seventh weekend.

However, they soon find that Hell proves to have no fury as that of a Squirrel Lady scorned.

Ten squirrels were used in the scene: Isaac, Peter, Jaime, Samantha, Carrie, KC, Billy, Chatter, Chester and Hazel.

It's the middle of August, your cast is full of leftovers from The Mystery Men set and your film has a costly million budget.

How was Paramount planning on turning this one into a shrewd investment? Kudos to Paramount for manufacturing a hit with Rat Race; it took hard work, but the studio turned a profit.

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Squirrel Lady's roadside abode is home to crowded cages that contain squirrels she hopes to adopt out to random travelers.After a second weekend drop of 30%, Rat Race held very well in the weeks that followed.It dropped only 11% over labour day weekend, and after only 17 days it had already pulled in more than 3 times its opening weekend gross.All the animals were placed by trainers into the cages just before filming began and removed immediately once the scene was over.The animals had treats in the cages such as peanut butter, jelly and and nuts to keep them busy.

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