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He seemed propelled by a desire to find more within himself.'On many occasions I have found satisfaction from beating my own achievements,’ he said.It’s a primeval story about man, his journey throughout life where success and failure are just moments that will ultimately lead him to death.In my experience, very few deaths – even dying of old age – are timely.’ The film takes the form of a journey in three acts – Senna’s rise to the top, his struggle to stay there, and his death – focusing particularly on the five years from 1989, and his rivalry with the four-times world champion Alain Prost. As well as archive footage from the pits, the track and in-car camera, some funny Brazilian TV of Senna dancing with his girlfriend Xuxa, and his family holiday movies, we see some amazing film from the drivers’ meetings, the obligatory pre-race briefings that take place before every grand prix.It is not a complete biography of Senna, more a mosaic of his life.'Part of doing this movie,’ Pandey says, 'wanting to do it so badly and not resting till we got everything we wanted – from access, to footage, to clearances – was because his story had to be told.Watching the tragedy unfold at Imola was 26-year-old Manish Pandey.'I watched every grand prix since I was 13 on television; I was hooked. I had a sense that he was special, and watching his career unfold, in real time as it were, I was aware that he was a genuinely great man.

The call was made very early on: 'Only if we can show the footage will we put it in the film.’ They didn’t need talking heads.He was eloquent and ethereal, and his driving was poetry: aggressive and beautiful at the same time. 'There was a tranquillity about him that was almost priestly,’ says his friend Professor Sid Watkins, the former head of the Formula One medical team. Except when he got in a car.’ 'I am not designed to come second or third,’ Senna once said.'I am designed to win.’ In F1 more than any sport you are hampered by not having the best equipment, but Senna could always rise above the car’s limitations.'I had grown up with this man and I knew the date of every race and every lap time, and I think they respected that,’ Pandey says.The directors Oliver Stone, Renny Harlin and Michael Mann had been interested in a making biopics – one starring Antonio Banderas nearly got off the ground – but in the end there wasn’t enough American interest to raise millions of dollars in a country that doesn’t watch Formula One.

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