Buddha dating

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Place in the sector that represents the area of your transition.

For example, place in north sector of home or office if changing jobs.

The statue should face the east direction since the Buddha meditated on the sun rising in his search for enlightenment.

In western culture, the laughing Buddha is probably the most widely recognizable and used.

It's great for an office on the north wall facing those who enter.

Other variations include: The Blessing pose depicts Buddha bestowing fearlessness (upper hand gesture) and compassion (lower hand).

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However, you don't have to be a Buddhist in order to incorporate this statue into your interior or exterior décor.This statue style most commonly found in Buddhist altars in the home.These statues typically render Buddha in a sitting position with both hands in a meditative position called cosmic mudra. The left hand is placed on top of the right one so the thumb tips touch to form an oval, symbolizing the turning of one's attention inward.Some statues depict the thumb touching the ring finger instead of the forefinger. This style can be placed in the north sector (career) or southeast sector (wealth).This Buddha sits with the bag of blessings by his side or may hold the bag in his lap.

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