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Today’s twentysomethings don’t even remember a time when there wasn’t online dating, and if meeting online isn’t considered “normal” yet, it’s pretty darned close.Finally, everybody would love a great romantic story—the stranger on the airplane, the guy you keep running into at the park, the high school sweetheart at the class reunion.But then he started talking, and she recognized this was the same guy she’d been so attracted to online; they had a great time.When you already know somebody, you’ll view him differently than if you’d just spotted him across the bar. One more word about romance: Love comes from what you feel about each other when you speak, listen, spend time together, touch, kiss.Drew Ludwig and Janelle Tufts met in graduate school eight years ago using online dating sites linked to their two favorite websites—for Tufts, Salon.com, and for Ludwig, The Onion. Can you honestly say that you have not or don’t know anybody who’s encountered creeps and liars with conventional dating? You’ve already admitted it to yourself—and others—so there is no shame in admitting it to others who feel the same way.“I thought, ‘Anyone who keeps up on social issues is cool,’ and Drew thought, ‘Any woman who likes The Onion is cool,” says Tufts. As for meeting someone the “normal way,” what is that exactly?Truth is, most people meet their partners at pretty run-of-the-mill places—bars, work, school, through friend fix-ups, and yes, online.

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More than that, anybody’s who’s signed up for a dating site has used a credit card, which means a paper trail. For any number of reasons, maybe you’re not the type who gets approached by the opposite sex, but you’re a great catch and you know it.

His profile picture had a cheesy smile and it looked like he’d gotten too close to a fisheye lens. When he kept emailing, I realized I had no reason to discount him, and I started to pay him some attention.

“We met at a coffee shop at two, and I was ready to say I had a 4 p.m. But time slipped away as we talked, and we ended up staying until seven! I got home late, and he called to make sure I made it home OK.

“After that, I closed all my other matches, and two years later we were married.

We’ve been married almost four years and every day I look at him and think about how perfect we are for each other.

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