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Our goal is to bring The Raw-Food Diet to a mass audience.

We are currently engaged in a massive multi-media campaign to bring this message to the world.

He dragged them blindfolded, gagged and bound into his apartment.

They were both confused, scared and didn’t know what’s going on.

The only way I can describe it is that a 100% raw plant food diet liberates your natural self, mentally, emotional, spiritually, AND physically. I definitely understand now how cooked food blocks natural beauty and hinders the true manifestation of what we can be.

I can't say there are any cons to what I have experienced.

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My body temperature is about 1.8 degrees lower than it used to be! I really agree with Joe Alexander when he mentions in his book Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda that the lungs and digestive organs work in a tandem sort of way.I am co-founder of Nature's First Law, a raw-food organization based in San Diego which hosts events and distributes an enormous selection of Raw-Food Diet books, videos, and audio tapes world-wide.I co-founded the group three years ago with my partners Stephen Arlin and RC Dini.That means that 83% of the TIME, LABOR, and RESOURCES which went into creating that food are also destroyed by cooking. It affects all agriculture, all politics, all business, all economics, all over the world!The global impact of humanity's eating habits prompted me to dedicate myself to this message of physical and planetary rejuvenation.

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