Cam se x free with no join or credit card

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THEY ADVERTISE COACH PURSES BUT IT'S TOTALLY FRAUD AND TAKE YOUR HATD EARNED MONEY. I ordered products from Reliable Rx in India and I get a phony charge from the above company Tech Solutions.

The bank told me it is a company in China that make it look like a UK site and the goods are fake goods when they arrive. I ordered a sweatshirt and was charged from PES*LIKEMUCH BEIJING CHN 303.00 YUAN RENMINBI Subject to foreign fee I received a confirmation email that my payment went through on 12/9/17 but nothing from the company itself.I did NOT order anything online & have not given my banking details or debit card to anyone! Attempted to order a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (advertisement from Instagram).Instead of payment in GBP (as it was declared in the Internet-shop) I was charged in RMB (563,23 CNY), and there was no email order confirmation, neither I was informed about the status of my order.Having read all the comments on this page I get the impression that the credit card companies are fully aware of the scam but when I spoke to them they gave me the impression that this was news to them. They need to close up this loophole/flaw in their system and stop this happening. I found out the company is out of the Peoples Republic of China.I ordered it on the 27th and still have no order confirmation from them. One thing I did see is it showed up as "recurring".

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