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You also get bang up to date traffic information, with the Mi Vue Drive 65 LM Truck sat nav also giving you access to updated maps on a monthly basis - just download them via your PC or laptop.You get clear guidance at every exit or roundabout, including verbal directions that use easy-to-spot landmarks for instant recognition and complete confidence as you navigate unfamiliar towns and cities .This isn’t any average and stale collection of huge tits.Not only are they big, round and juicy, but slippery too!Yes, none of the 24 movies can be downloaded, but at least you get your choice of two bit rates on the embedded player.The scenes are sexy and the massive melons look squeezable and perfectly fuckable.

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But if you fancy cantaloupe or honeydew, watermelon even, then welcome to your wet dreams!The deluxe 6.2 inch touch screen makes everything beautifully clear at a glance, ensuring you always arrive at your destination right on time.You can also capture footage of all your journeys, complete with details of where and when it was shot, for peace of mind in the event of an accident.A crash sensor automatically saves footage of collisions, so you know there is no danger of it being erased when the micro SD card is full.Footage is shot at extreme HD resolution (1296p at 30 frames per second), so the images will be clear and crisp for total clarity in the case of an insurance claim.

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