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Facebook and other social media networks allow unfettered access to underage teens, often unmonitored by their parents, which may lead to an increase in Internet Sex Crimes.

Most teens have access to cell phones, tablet devices, and smart phones, which have internet capabilities, as well as, cameras and webcams.

If you have been arrested for an Internet Sex Crime or suspect that you may be under investigation for a crime such as Sexual Exploitation of a Minor or Possession or Viewing Child Pornography it is important that you speak with an attorney experienced in handling sexual offenses and who has the skills and knowledge necessary to truly understand the technology which will be used in prosecuting you in your Internet Sex Crime and to successfully defend you and your rights.

Many times when facing serious criminal charges, especially of a sexual nature, and most especially a minor or underage teen, people feel compelled to deny any wrongdoing to any and all who will listen.Whether you have in fact engage in criminal behavior which could lead to your arrest for a Sex Crime or other serious felony or if you have been wrongfully accused of some criminal act, you should immediately upon knowledge of the same contact an attorney and assert all of your available Constitutional Rights.Law enforcement is trained to attempt to illicit incriminating statements from a suspect using many well-crafted techniques.It continues to be the community reporter, reporting on issues important to the citizens of the community.It continues to handle all news material with honesty and accuracy.

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