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I’m definitely way less scared of drawing than I was, even last week.

The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City in Beijing, Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, fairyland of Jiuzhaigou and panda reserve in Sichuan, are just some of the mysterious oriental exotic destinations worth your exploration in China. Order Your Favourite Chinese Food in Mandarin language Menus in Chinese restaurants are generally written in Chinese language, and you might not get a menu with picture of the dishes.

By the year 2010, there will be approximately 100 million non-Chinese worldwide learning Chinese as a foreign language. Cultural interest Chinese Culture is one of the World’s oldest and most complex culture, encompassing different values, unusual mythology and spirituality, unique martial arts, exotic architecture and distinctive cuisines. Mandarin not as hard as perceived Unfortunately, many Chinese schools and Chinese learning materials have given students the opposite impression.

In fact, Chinese language is simpler than English;especially Chinese for children. No past or present tense, and conversationally no gender differentiation.

First we had to get past the fear of the blank paper, and how important (and hard! This is one of my favorite questions to ask creative people, in fact.

For Kate Bingaman-Burt, it’s to draw something she bought that day. For a long time for me it was to doodle an ampersand or two.

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