Cell phone text dating

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Replying to text messages or keeping up with social media can be a huge distraction for teens who are trying to study.Set limits on cellphone use during homework time, especially if your teen’s grades are suffering.Restricting your teen from using his phone in his bedroom can seem extreme, but for some families, it can be the bets way to teach appropriate cellphone use.Once you've established clear cellphone rules, create a behavior contract.Although there are several reasons why teens shouldn't sleep with smartphones in their bedrooms, one main reason the pressure many teens feel to respond to messages at all hours of the night.You can take that pressure off by establishing a rule that says phones aren't allowed in your teen's room over night.Make it clear that during family activities, cellphone use is prohibited.Whether you’re visiting with extended family or you’re playing a game of catch, discourage bad cellphone habits, like ignoring friends to text someone who isn't present.

No Cellphone Use Before School Most teens don’t have much time to spare before school and texting or surfing social media can waste a lot of of precious minutes.

According to their survey of mobile's impact on dating and relationships, 50 percent of singles believe they could be addicted to their cell phones.

More singles (44 percent) actually check their mobile phones in the morning before heading to the bathroom to brush their teeth (19 percent), with 56 percent of singles 21-26, 46 percent of singles 27-34, 40 percent of singles 35-42, and 33 percent of singles 43-50 reaching for their mobile devices when they wake up in the morning.

While this behavior was related to FOMO (fear of missing out), taking it a step further, 25 percent of singles 21-26 keep their phones in bed with them and over 2/3 of singles keep their mobile phones within at least an arm's reach of their bed.

It's alarming that this so-called addiction results in 16 percent of singles actually texting while having sex.

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