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You just tell the app what you’re looking for and it will present you with some choice candidates.For each candidate, you check out their photos, read their bios, and decide: swipe right for yes, or left for no.Of course, that poses a bigger and deeper question: is it good to have that much choice? And here’s the crux: think about people who identify as gay, lesbian, or trans.

Keep your eyes open, ask your friends, and even strike up a conversation with a stranger—at the supermarket or wherever. Prepare to learn about some of the biggest trends happening today in the dating world.

So, when you’re looking for potential matches, you can connect with people on that deep a level—whether you share a love for Mozart, The Beatles, or Taylor Swift! Some apps are even flexible enough to cover date costs.

For example, if you make a match with the app Cheers and set a date and place, the Cheers team will pay for your first round of drinks!

That is, once you match up with someone, you can go ahead and “song chat”: send them a clip of your favourite music.

Unlike on other apps, part of your Tastebuds profile is directed through your i Tunes library.

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