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In your component: Spend several hours testing other workarounds, and thought this might help someone (it also seems a lot more straight-forward w/o need for adding any new imports).It's not a solution for later updates, but it's definitely a solution for a lot of the people that seem to have stumbled on this and the similar topics posted above that just want their chart initialized properly. It updates the chart lines according to new data without redrawing the whole chart.

I need to update two different line charts as data comes in. p=preview The normal versions shows the right animation: Nc Sj13x TSw PBJa RCa V6?If you’re simply looking for where you define or modify named ranges in Excel 2010 (as one commenter indicated in response to an earlier version of this update), it’s on the Formulas tab in the Defined Names area — Name Manager.If you are looking for other Excel 2010-specific information that this post doesn’t cover, please leave a quick comment as to what the change/issue is that led you to the search.However, it only goes back if I hover my mouse over the old point.I would like this behavior to be automatic - I would imagine that calling update on the chart would work, but I get the error: in my case I'm trying to display a realtime chart.

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