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I also liked the stylus and the memo pad and the size of the phone. I've been an LG smartphone user for 6 years and used many of their phones, & knew several others who have too. I've owned the LG Volt, LG Stylo, LG Stylo 2, & knew people who used some of the other LG smartphones. Your wedding invitations are a way to let your guests know you love them and want them to be there to witness your wedding vows—not a place to ask for gifts. The second is a little more modern (and super easy): On your wedding website!Sure, slapping the URL on the bottom would be easy, but your guests know that you’ve registered somewhere, so play it cool. Print the link to your site on an invitation insert so guests can easily find everything from your room blocks and weekend schedule to, of course, your registry.)It might be hard to keep the good news to yourself, but remember to share it directly with your family and closest friends before you update your status on social media. Once your VIPs are in the know, you’re free to post, snap, tweet, and share as you see fit.Though you might want to put your phone on silent once all the good wishes start rolling in!The phone arrived 2 days after my Samsung quit working. Tiny screen, small, keypad and I can't put ANY apps on it as it has hardly any memory.In addition, my contacts didn't transfer because the phone can't handle hardly any memory.

The phone still worked afterwards, but the point is this phone is not durable at all.

The phone retails for -30 and this is their way for treating a loyal customer for 4 years.

I asked why they don't have refurbished phones (ones of nicer quality) at their Boost stores that you could "rent" while your phone is being fixed, instead of a 2-3 day wait time and then sending you a phone that you cannot even fully use. Not to mention it took me 4 hours and 5 representatives to try and solve the problem of this phone not working.

The agreed to credit my account for the hassle. We run our business line through Boost and now we are planning to switch.

You also cannot submit this review unless you agree to be part of their email list. I got his phone while another phone with cracked screen is in repair shop the 8gb internal mem on phone is full of completely useless apps i will never use and you cant delete them.

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