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Sadly the books are about 10% racing and 90% slow and boring daily life stuff.

Recently they hired an angel to run it named Rumisiel because his father and brother are important and got him the job.

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I got a chance to interview Chris via email this month. To relax we play D&D a few times a week at the local hobby shop, though it really depends on the baby's mood whether we can go. Rumisiel realizes that if they realize what he did with the files to clean up he'll probably be kicked out of heaven for ever, so he goes down to earth and finds the people who's lives he inadvertently screwed up by messing with the files and moves in with them to keep them from letting anyone know what happened until he can figure out a way to get back into heaven and fix everything. Originally it was a pet project and a creative outlet to keep me from going mad at my job.

One day his bosses come in for a spot inspection, so Rumsiel throws a few files under a rug and stuffs a few into random cabinets to clean up for the inspection figuring he'll fix everything later.

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