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What was first a small event has now drawn people from all over the state, bringing the community together to have fun, while also learning about fire safety.

Beyond just local needs, they take in animals from other shelters statewide, many of which lack the resources to properly care for higher volumes or certain breeds.

Fighting childhood cancer, helping our veterans, and finding “forever” homes for our four-legged friends are just a few of the many efforts we take to foster a positive impact beyond our brick and mortar.

Seamless transactions with no surprises – it’s car buying redefined. Throughout its 75-year history, Schomp Automotive has taken a family- and community-first approach to philanthropy.

Despite bleak economic forecasts for the auto industry, Lisa surprised many by her decision to continue funding Schomp's community partners, maintaining "They need our support now more than ever before." Continuing our support of Denver Fashion Week, Schomp MINI has had the pleasure of working with 303 Magazine, a fixture within our local editorial scene.

Of the partnership, 303's Marketing and Advertising Manager Ab Aharonian said, "It’s been a pleasure working with the leading local automobile company in Colorado, to help support the local fashion and beauty industry (and see it) grow." Near and dear to our own community, the Littleton Public Schools (LPS) Foundation brings together parents, businesspeople, educators, and community leaders into a single, unified community of support for their school system.

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