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His almost 40 years of experience includes cable operations, new media technologies, television advertising and start up management.Dave has worked with the nation’s largest advertising agencies on targeted television advertising and was instrumental in securing support from both WPP and Starcom.Mike has over 11 years of experience in Research and Development.He has lead digital set-top box development efforts at Philips and Motorola (formerly General Instrument).A member of several corporate boards of directors, Kubin has a BS in operations research from Cornell, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia.His articles have been published in the New York Observer, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

A 30-year veteran of the media industry, Kubin has managed a significant string of successful entrepreneurial ventures.At his first media buying company, Corinthian Media Buying, Kubin was integral in the creation and growth of its direct response subsidiary, Corinthian Direct, which grew to over 0 million in billings in just three years.After Corinthian, Kubin became president of Club Med Inc., the travel company's US subsidiary.With Club Med as his first client, Kubin co-founded Media Incorporated, which along with its direct response subsidiary, Media Direct Partners, was sold to IPG (The Interpublic Group) in 1996.Kubin then went on to co-found Evaliant Media Resources, a Web-based advertising tracking firm, which was sold to CMR (Taylor Nelson Sofres) in 2002.

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