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Verizon is currently in the final months of transitioning users of its Verizon- and Fi OS-branded email clients to AOL Mail, which it touts as being superior than its previous offerings. Verizon will surely start by consolidating some backend email operations, rationalizing their AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail server capacity and standardizing their spam filtering platforms.Then they will likely follow in Microsoft’s footsteps and standardize on a single email rendering engine.Migrating between mail services can be tedious, especially when you're changing one email address to another.It could mean entering in all of your email contacts or asking everyone to email you at your new address, while hoping you don't miss anyone.Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail all allow you to export your existing email contacts to an intermediate file format called a Comma Separated Values file, which Yahoo Mail's Contacts Import tool can use. Select "Export." A dialog window comes up, asking you which contacts to export and which export format to use.Select "Outlook CSV" format, which is used for importing into non-Gmail mail programs.For our part, we hope that Verizon standardizes on the AOL Mail rendering engine, which we think is one of the best around.Either way, email designers and developers will applaud having one less email client to contend with.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, resigned from her position on Tuesday after the business deal officially closed.Together, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail accounted for 12.11% of webmail opens, according to Litmus’ June 2016 email client market share data.After Microsoft discontinued Windows Live and consolidated their webmail operations, accounted for 15.28% of webmail opens last month.The new business entity will be comprised of AOL and Yahoo products including Huff Post,, Tumblr, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Finance.Tim Armstrong, the previous CEO of AOL, will lead as chief executive office of Oath.

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