Cougar on line dating

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The women in their 30's and 40's are sexy as hell and they generally fuck more aggressively and seem happy to not use a condom. The women I tend to meet are all business women at these huge conferences..they come from all over but they are business women and lead normal lives but they seem to like being picked up..a few drinks, laugh, talk, dance and before you know it we are in the hotel room at the Double Tree making out with the cell phone ringing in the background (like @ 35s) and then I've got her panties off fucking her ass like a porno movie..the couple here..again, most don't ask me to wear a condom..cum in the's unbelievably easy. Ihre Titten mit den grossen Nippeln sind super, auch ihre Fotze mit den prallen Pussylippen und der grossen Fickspalte, mir sind aber rasierte Moesen lieber, Keine stoeernden Haare beim Blasen und Ficken, und besserer Hautkontakt. I have seen her boobs when we were both at my mom's house. In the 15 years I have been married I have had a few affairs with younger women and never got caught so I thought I would try an older woman.After seeing this woman's hairy snatch I really got turned on. I'm 19 but I'm not mostly into girls my age, I love older women. Still young, but feeling old by what life had dealt her. She was not thin and skinny like the young girls of today, but decidedly not overweight. Her breasts were not the biggest, but they were full and did not sag.She was getting ready for work, and had just stepped from the shower. Her nipples, one of they things her husband had enjoyed the most, were very nice sized.Most women I have fucked much prefer you to cum in them and all the MILFs and Matures appear to want this.

It would be great if it were my cum being forced out of her sweet cunt.Thankfully, I prefer Matures now which is just as well as young women do not target those of us over 50! A lot of women I have been with insist that that you cum inside them.I think it adds that extra 20% to their and my own orgasm. I wonder if there are ladies who would like to eat her with the cum running out of her sweet hairy cunt.A great body, lovely tits ( even though they are fake ) and great creampie climax.

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