Currently separated dating

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So, yeah, you could be risking having someone come after you with knife or gun but you are going to do it anyway. has he filed for divorce, has he moved out, does he have children and if so is custody worked out, lastly yes I would want to make sure the ex isn't likely to get violent. OP, lets say you and your husband are having a tough time, what would you think of some tramp that was try'n to make matters worse? You two just might be right for each other, you both have no respect for others.

I mean really, are you having difficulty in finding guys that you are willing to overlook the negatives of this guy just so you can have someone? not post'n w/a smile.i would never date someone who was separated, just as if I were separated I would not date. Whatever your 'relationship' is at the moment, there's 2 of you in it, and your emotions are just as important as his.

actor Jim Parrack and his wife of almost six years, Ciera Parrack, are pulling the plug on their marriage.

The 33-year-old actor’s wife filed for divorce in Los Angeles and listed their separation date as September 2013.

The new couple has documented their relationship on their Instagram accounts and Jim even called Leven the “love of my life” in a post just a few days ago. 10 pictures inside of Jim Parrack and Leven Rambin from their social media pages…

" OR "Call me when you are divorced then maybe we could get together." Can this backfire on me? I can see the ex coming after me with a knife or gun. Additionally, I haven't asked him any details about the divorce, I told him he can always talk to me about it when he is ready.She cited irreconcilable differences and said there is no community property to fight over, which implies there is probably a prenup, according to TMZ.Jim, who is currently starring on Broadway in‘ Leven Rambin, 24.This makes me think that no matter what anyone says here about what you should or should not do, you already have your mind made up about this guy.You are probably just looking for answers that you WANT to hear (probably along the lines of "Well you should date him and see what happens") instead of advice along the lines of what would be right to do. The other thing is to trust a POS that would look elsewhere when he is still married.

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