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Other ways of dispelling the darkness included killing demons that are spewing it, or using fireworks to temporarily remove it.

In some puzzles, the solution can only be completed while Garcia is within the darkness.

If Garcia enters an area covered by darkness, he will momentary be safe but soon the darkness will drain his health until he leaves or dissipates it.

This most often can be done by firing a light bullet at a goat's head in the area, but often finding this goat requires completing other puzzles, such as opening a series of locked doors.

Garcia's sidekick, Johnson, is ever-present, acting normally as a torch for light or quick melee attacks, but can become a weapon when needed.Johnson can take three forms: a pistol, a shotgun, and automatic rifle, all which are upgraded into more powerful forms either by finding blue gems left after boss fights that add extra abilities, or through slotting of red gems, found in the environment or purchasable from Christopher, to improve damage, reload speed, or ammo capacity.Garcia's health bar can also be extended using red gems.As they travel, they witness numerous deaths of Paula by Fleming and other demons, all to toy with Garcia's senses.Another human demon hunter, who simply goes by the name "Colonel", temporarily aids Garcia, but then leaves to get revenge on the death of his loved one, only to be brutally killed later.

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