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And it’s not just for celebrities-according to a 2008 AARP poll, almost one-third of women between the ages of 40 and 69 date men who are 10 or more years younger. What will Madonna have to do to make sure her relationship lasts longer than , for some advice. “The assumption that a younger man will inevitably cheat on an older woman is part of the historic nonsense by which women are made to feel fearful, valueless and undesirable,” she says. Judging from, infidelity is by far the biggest issue cougars face.

Look at Halle Berry and Eva Longoria, who ended their relationships when their younger men allegedly strayed with younger women.

I asked him if he knew how old I was, to which he replied, “Originally, I thought you were about 36, but now I’m not sure.” I told him my age.

During these last six years, I tried to date and I did, albeit unsuccessfully.I tried to have sex a few times and I did, although unsatisfying.The thing is, I’ve never really had a “type” and rarely have rules for the kind of guys I go out with.Other ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures: bring it. I feel very “equal opportunity” in the dating realm. However, I have never dated anyone much younger than myself.It’s not that I was against it—it’s just that it never happened and I haven’t ever been attracted to anyone that much younger. I knew him through a gig I used to have while working at a boutique in the city.

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