Dating a loner guy

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As a loner (or the nicer term is “introvert”) myself, I can relate to these feelings – and today I want to help you out.

Being a loner and wanting to find love can feel like self-sacrilege, or at the very least extremely unsettling and uncomfortable.

Ladies, listen up there is a rather elusive species of guy out there, he is called the “Lone Wolf”. He is just a guy who is independent in his thinking and can integrate into all kinds of social groups. It was kinda hinted in the Hangover as the “ One man wolf pack” and no he is not creepy or childish like Zach Galifianakis portrayed him.

This type of guy is pretty self reliant and social for the most part, but does like his space.

Going out into the world and “extroverting” yourself not only feels inauthentic and tiring, but it also feels hopeless and dead-ended.

I know that when I first started the dating game a few years back I felt as though I was putting myself up in the “meat shop” of modern relationships, and the feeling was completely unnerving.

For instance, you might be using your social preferences as a guise under which you hide fear, anxiety or self-mistrust.

Remember that opening new doors and making new connections is difficult and scary for almost everyone. Besides from giving your self-concept space to breathe, remember to give yourself time. If you have any advice or experiences which you feel others could benefit from, please share below!

And you don’t need to feel paradoxical or unfaithful to yourself.If you can break down his wall enough to start a meaning full relationship there are a few things you need to keep in mind to not drive him back to the woods. Don’t text and ask him what he is doing all the time.He is going to think you are trying to keep tabs on him and frankly no guy likes that.I don’t see myself changing out of this way of living anytime soon.But in the last year or so the lack deep connection (real – not online) has started to get me a bit weary.

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