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The "Wrist-Rest," a patented Cable device, enables the operator to maintain a natural, untiring position while playing.

The Cable Player, Style "PL," contains all the important exclusive Cable features which have made the Cable line of players famous. A powerful, exclusive type motor provides a steady flow of power at all times.

A piano-player mechanism is most responsive and musically adequate, and the tone quality just right for the best player results. This piano has received a great number of unsolicited testimonials, all attesting to remarkable value at moderate prices.

All statements regarding the material's and/or the techniques of manufacture are representative of that time when few blueprints existed and pianos were made one at time and in many cases with hand tools. His name from the earliest times has been constantly linked with the Americanizing of the piano by methods of such importance and value that both America and Europe today admit their worth by universal adoption.

No service is too difficult for this staunch little instrument: it is endowed with an unusual ability to withstand even more trying conditions of service than most larger pianos are called upon to meet.

Because of its small Size and weight, the Cable Midget Upright may be readily moved about.

While the merits of musical instruments manufactured nearly a century ago are now not necessarily affected by the commercial standing or historical record of their makers. To him must be ascribed the invention of the full iron plate for grand pianos recorded in 1837.

Consequently, prospective piano buyers usually desire to know something concerning these points. This invention was accepted by the scientific world as one of far reaching importance; indeed, it proved to be the foundation of all modern piano construction, for without it the sonorous grands of today would not have been impossible.

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