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Discretionary Leave lasts for either three years or until the child is 17 and a half.It can be renewed, but only if there is still a need for it.The proverb provides an appropriate title for a report that tries to explain why significant numbers of Afghan children are making the difficult and dangerous journey to Europe, unaccompanied by their parents.Responsibility for this situation rests with a number of different actors.

The lynching in March of the 27-year-old woman, named Farkhunda, sparked outrage and demonstrations in the Afghan capital, Kabul, even before it was revealed that she had not desecrated Islam's holy book.Only two of the returnees had been able to access any educational opportunities.None had found stable employment and 19 of the 25 young people monitored said that their work situation was so desperate they would have to leave Afghanistan again.If Discretionary Leave (“DL”) is held for ten years then the person can apply for settlement.If the child turns 17 and a half their application for leave will be refused.

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