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The center is conducting fundamental research which addresses well-identified industrial applications of general interest and relevance to the manufacturing sector - an "Application-Driven-Design" approach.Consortium members include: Alcoa, Army Research Laboratories, Benet Laboratories, Boeing, Caterpillar, General Dynamics Land Systems, General Motors, Hamilton Sundstrand, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Mercury marine, NASA Langley, Pratt & Whitney, P&W Rocketdyne, Rio Tinto Alcan, Sikorsky.This year's theme features natural and artificial eclipses! and Howard County Community College jointly sponsored this event which was open to the public at large.5 November 2005 Company Seven supporting Howard Astronomical League "Mars Watch" event from pm to am. Company Seven assists at such events as a public service insisting on no promotional efforts on our behalf.

This year's theme was a celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.

20 March 2011 Event: Company Seven Supporting NASA Sun-Earth Day educational activity.

This year's theme was be 'Ancient Mysteries-Future Discoveries', opening the door to a much deeper understanding of our Sun and its impact on our Earth across the ages.

9 August 2007 Company Seven Acquires Biosphere 2 Astronomical Observatory. The system will be relocated to Maryland and established as part of our own science education facility.

20 March 2007 Company Seven supporting NASA annual 'Sun-Earth Day 2007' educational activities.

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