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It is intuitive that women who have undergone a pregnancy and delivery are unlikely to want to conceive immediately.

Ross and Winfrey’s analysis of 27 DHSs found that only 3% of postpartum women wanted a baby within 2 years; or in other words, 97% did not want a baby.

The PVR has been recently included in the WHO The interest in postpartum contraception stems from three fronts.

First, women who have just delivered are focused on bonding with their newborn babies and are rarely seeking a new pregnancy.

Exclusive breastfeeding, with frequent episodes of suckling, confers a good degree of pregnancy protection up to 6 months postpartum by delaying ovulation and the return of menses.

The factors could range from personal desires and preferences (eg, reproductive desires and preference for specific contraceptives), behaviors (woman is nursing, sexually active, contraceptive use), physiological conditions (eg, lactational amenorrhea), knowledge (eg, risk of pregnancy, of different contraceptives), and access to services, to familial and social aspects.

A majority of women in developing countries do breastfeed exclusively but for short durations, hence they may be sometimes unknowingly exposed to the risk of pregnancy if they are relying on nursing for contraceptive protection.

The WHO’s recommends the use of different contraceptives in the first year postpartum depending on whether the woman is nursing or not and the time since delivery.

Accepted for publication 18 June 2015 Published 18 September 2015 Volume 2015:6 Pages 117—123 DOI

S55033 Checked for plagiarism Yes Review by Single-blind Peer reviewers approved by Dr Linfeng Wu Peer reviewer comments 3 Editor who approved publication: Professor Igal Wolman Population Council, Reproductive Health Program, Dakar, Senegal Abstract: It is increasingly recognized that women who have just given birth have a high unmet need and require contraceptive protection in the first year postpartum.

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